Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Left Cannot Go On Like This

(For @jdthndr. Written by Melanie Phillips.)

This week saw the death of student Jdthndr, found asphyxiated at his halls of residence. There has been much hand-wringing on the left, who are demanding that a 'murderer' is caught, while once again neglecting to mention the real dangers to today's society.

The fact is, Jdthndr was in his twenties and lived alone. Although the left dare not mention it, we know what that means in the over-liberal and permissive universities of this age.

Even the police are indoctrinated in the culture of denialism propagated by the left, claiming there was a "break in" and that they are treating his death as "suspicious". Well I, and every right-minded member of society are suspicious.

What we shouldn't be suspicious of are so-called "murderers", but the constant efforts made by the "liberal" left to stifle debate over the islamification of this country.

Jdthndr has been described as a victim in this case, and he was. Growing up under the New-Labour government, he was exposed to the seedy underside of life in a continuous stream throughout his education, which undoubtedly warped his mind to such an extent that, instead of growing up as a normal, heterosexual man with a girlfriend, he died while indulging in a disgusting act of homosexual self-gratification, despite what the police might say.

For too long, the fascists of the authoritarian left have eroded true values in this country, in collusion with extremist Islam, at the expense of our youth. They are denying them the opportunity to grow up as decent human beings, instead making them all guinea pigs in this sick experiment under the twin mastheads of "equality" and "tolerance", whilst at the same time discriminating against anyone who is not a gay, asylum seeking, muslim pervert.

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