Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A tragic but preventable death

(For @DickMandrake. Written by Jan Moir.)

The nation this week was left in shock after the death of DickMandrake, a promising science student killed after an eccentric billionaire let a pack of wolves loose in a crowded supermarket as DickMandrake was doing his weekly shop.

While the loss of a young life is undoubtedly heartbreaking, we must ask ourselves what the real cause of DickMandrake's death was. To blame the wolves, or the billionaire who let them free is to stick our heads in the sand - something we must not do, no matter how tempting.

The fact is, DickMandrake was a fan of Doctor Who, a programme made and aired by the ultraleft BBC. While the left ignore the truth, and blindly blame the 'official' cause of DickMandrake's death, we must look at his wider lifestyle, which was undoubtedly an influence on his demise.

People may question this, but we must look at the statistics. No people who didn't watch the BBC have been killed by wolves in the past thirty years. It is high time this organisation was held to account for its role in this whole tragedy.

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